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This service is provided in conjunction with Raymond James Financial, with a proud history of leadership and innovation firmly grounded in institutional investment principles and independent, unbiased investment research. With nearly 50 years of combined experience, Raymond James is dedicated to helping clients implement thoughtful, deliberate investment solutions.

From its roots in money manager research, Raymond James has evolved to offer multiple fee-based investment solutions — all grounded in the same disciplined investment philosophy. Raymond James combines its expertise in capital markets analysis, portfolio construction and money manager research to build comprehensive investment solutions that include:

  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Flexible Mutual Fund/Exchange-Traded Fund Wrap Accounts
  • Discretionary Unified Managed Accounts
  • Discretionary Mutual Fund/ETF Wrap Accounts

Please note that, as with all types of investing, there is market risk associated with these programs which could result in a decline in the value of the amount invested.

QCAP Prolific Strategy

  • Balanced Portfolio – Growth and Income
  • Participation in U.S. and International Companies
  1. Important Risk Disclosure:

Securities utilized in this investment strategy are comprised of (1) domestic US equities; (2) international (non-US) equities; and (3) alternative investments.  Please be advised that there is a distinct level of risk associated with investment in these securities:

  • The value of these securities may decline substantially. While the intent is to purchase securities that will increase in value, there is no guarantee this will occur.
  • Although these three asset categories are utilized in an effort to reduce aggregate portfolio risk through diversification; diversification itself cannot guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. There is no guarantee that the level of portfolio risk will indeed be reduced and, as a result, the value of this investment may decline substantially.
  1. Portfolio Consists of:
  • 40% – Domestic US Equities
  • 40% – International (Non-US) Equities
  • 20% – Alternative Investments – Income Oriented Vehicles

Note – This allocation is approximate and subject to change at the discretion of the portfolio manager.

  1. Equity Investments:
  • Prolific Companies – The most highly recognizable “Brand Name” companies in both the US and Internationally; for example:
    • International Companies – Glaxo, Siemens, Toyota
    • US Companies – Apple Computer, General Electric, Goldman Sachs
    • These companies are noteworthy participants within their respective industries.
  • Diversification – The portfolio is highly diversified in an effort to reduce investment risk:

Category                                Portfolio #      Industries

US Companies                                 15                       9

International Companies            15                     12

Alt. Inv. Income Vehicles             8                       6

Note – This allocation is approximate and subject to change at the discretion of the portfolio manager.

  • Portfolio Yield  

Several companies in the portfolio have been selected due to their long-term trend of dividend increases.  In the event this trend of dividend increase continues, which is not guaranteed, the yield of the portfolio could increase over time.  Dividends can also decrease, so the yield of the portfolio could also decrease over time.

  1. Alternative Investments – Income Vehicles
  • Investment Goal – Enhance portfolio income and reduce volatility.
  • Enhanced Portfolio Income – The goal of the income level produced by this category is to be greater than the other US and Foreign securities within the portfolio.
  • Volatility – These investments are intended to be less volatile than the other equity investments in the portfolio:
    • In an upward trending equity market, these investments are unlikely to increase in value at a rate that is similar to the other equity investments.
    • In a downward trending equity market, these investments may not decrease in value at a rate that is similar to the other equity investments.
  • Interest Rate Risk – Reduction of Interest Rate Risk is the Goal:
    • Prevailing interest rates are currently at the lower end of the long-term range. We believe that over time, these interest rates are more likely to increase than to decrease further.
    • When long-term interest rates decline, the value of fixed-income investments (primarily US Treasury bonds and investment grade corporate bonds) increase. When long-term interest rates increase, the value of fixed-income investments (primarily US Treasury bonds and investment grade corporate bonds) decrease.
    • Therefore, to reduce risk associated with increasing long-term interest rates, the portfolio avoids long-term US Treasury bonds and investment grade corporate bonds. The value of high-yield and international bonds are affected by credit considerations in addition to interest rates, so these categories may appear within this portfolio.
  • Mutual Funds
    • Some of the Alternative Investment Income Vehicle asset categories considered for investment are High Yield Bonds, International Bonds, Long-Short Credit, MLP Energy Infrastructure, and Floating Rate Bonds and/or Loans.
    • Since these investments are highly specialized and require substantial amounts of capital to provide adequate diversification and purchasing power, we access these asset categories via specialty mutual funds.
  1. Summary – QCAP Prolific – Investment Strategy:
  • Invests approximately 40% of assets in large-cap U.S. Companies; 40% in large-cap International Companies; and 20% in alternative investments that are primarily income oriented.
  • U.S. and International companies the portfolio invests in constitute recognizable “brand name” companies that are noteworthy participants within their respective industries.
  • Diversification is utilized with the goal of reducing investment risk. The portfolio will contain approximately forty different positions spread out among several industries.
  • Alternative income producing investments are accessed primarily through mutual funds. By avoiding investments in long-term US Treasury bonds and long-term US investment-grade corporate bonds it is intended to reduce portfolio risk associated with increasing interest rates.

Disclaimer – This communication is for conversational purposes only.  It is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument, investment strategy or investment product; or as an official confirmation of any transaction.  All market prices, data and other information are not warranted as to completeness or accuracy and are subject to change without notice.  The information communicated here is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material.